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The SVOne Pro is a compact and sophisticated tool built for the modern eye care professional. Powered by wavefront aberrometry, our autorefractor has a wide refractive range and intuitive interface.

autorefractor hardware specs and details - Smart Vision Labs
autorefractor software details - Smart Vision Labs

Technical Specifications
SVOne Pro
Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Form Factor
Fixation Target
Open view, any target
Direct (pupil view finder)
Device Weight
454 g (1 lb)
Device Dimensions
19 cm x 13 cm x 8.6 cm (7.4 in x 5.2 in x 3.4 in)
Data Acquisition Time
3 seconds per eye
Data Acquisition
Measure and average 3 readings per eye
Sphere Range
-14 to +14 diopters
Cylinder Range
-7 to +7 diopters
High Order Aberrations
In a future update
Diopter Display
0.25 or 0.01 diopter increments
Axis Display
1 degree increment
Laser Safety
Class 1
Charging Station
Frequently Asked Questions
How accurate is the SVOne series? How does it compare to other devices?
The SVOne series uses wavefront aberrometry, a superior technology that measures refractive errors more comprehensively than common autorefractors. The SVOne series is as accurate as current desktop autorefractor units. Through our research, white papers, and studies, we’ve proven that we match the “gold standard” (i.e. subjective refraction results) within a measurement error of 1%. In addition, the SVOne series’s open-field design relaxes patient accommodation tremendously.
Is this an FDA regulated or approved device?
The SVOne series is an FDA Class 1 exempt device. We completed our registration in December 2014.
How well does the device work on children?
The SVOne series works exceptionally well on children. Its open-field design significantly reduces the accommodative effect, so the results you get with our device reflect the results from a visual acuity test. The entire SVOne exam process takes about five seconds per eye, which means it’s perfect for short attention spans! Additionally, the device is better suited for small faces and eye exam beginners than traditional autorefractor machines.
Research & Data
Kenneth J. Ciuffreda and Mark Rosenfield, December 2015
Yaopeng Zhou and Jordan Kassalow, Dec 2014
Marc Albanese, Nov 2014
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