Ultraportable, fast, accurate
Learn how Dr. Doug Streifel uses the SVOne to provide state-of-the-art care at his nursing home practice.
Doug Streifel, OD
Denver, CO
SVOne user since April 2015

What type of practice do you run (e.g. medical, retail, contact lens fitting)?

Senior Vision Services is a medical practice providing eye care in skilled care nursing facilities. We currently have 27 doctors located in 10 states throughout the United States.

Describe the types of patients you see.

Our patient population is largely geriatric, including those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our care also encompasses those with traumatic brain injuries, strokes, physical impairments, and multiple systemic illnesses that require around-the-clock skilled nursing care.

What is your biggest exam-related challenge?

Our number one goal is to provide a high level of medical care to all levels of patients. The ability of our patients to provide subjective responses and be cooperative for testing can vary signi cantly. In order to overcome this we need to be exible and maintain multiple methods to complete an examination when caring for our patients.

How did you hear about Smart Vision Labs?

I was researching new technology when I discovered Smart Vision Labs. As I read all the testimonials and watched the demo, I knew this was the product I was looking for.

What attracted you to the SVOne?

The foremost aspect that I was searching for was accuracy. The SVOne wavefront technology is able to be precise. Its handheld size allows us to use it in all of our patient interactions. It does not limit us when needing to see bed-bound or contracted patients. The low price of the instrument convinced me it was a must-have.

How do you use the SVOne?

Every patient who needs a refraction gets one using the SVOne. Its placement next to my retinoscope and trial lenses ensures it is readily accessible to me or my technician.

Tell us about a time when the SVOne was uniquely useful to you.

Not having a phoropter present during an examination makes patients uneasy. In particular, one gentlemen was highly skeptical of getting a “real” eye exam without one present. I began explaining the high-tech SVOne and started the exam using the device. He was so impressed we could bring this technology to him that he let me proceed with the full examination. He was immediately diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy and was given the vital care he needed.

How do you envision the SVOne will help you grow your practice?

With a mobile practice of 27 doctors, we are limited in the equipment that we can bring into each facility we serve. Having a tool that is both lightweight and easy to use gives us the opportunity to bring new and advanced technology to a population who might not get this state-of-the-art care otherwise. The unique aspect of having an SVOne is the ability to generate a solid glasses prescription to patients who are di cult to subjectively refract and may not be ideal candidates for other assessment techniques.

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