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Verizon Innovative Learning

Verizon Innovative Learning brings technology and hands-on learning opportunities to kids in underserved schools and communities, inspiring tomorrow’s creators to use technology to build brighter futures for themselves, their families and the world. Through a number of initiatives, Verizon Innovative Learning teaches technology and entrepreneurship skills to middle and high school students. It only funds the programs, but also creates and administers them in partnership with leading nonprofits. Verizon Innovative Learning diligently measures the impact and refines its programs to ensure they are making a difference. We have reached more than 100,000 students so far – and it’s just getting started.

ASCRS Foundation

The ASCRS Foundation works to support physician education and to provide humanitarian cataract surgery in the United States and Africa. Through its programs and partnerships the foundation works to maximize the benefits of modern ophthalmology and to treat thousands of needy patients both at home and abroad. Smart Vision Labs and ASCRS Foundation are working together to increase access to patient refractive care at the Sinskey Eye Institute in Ethiopia.

Education in Sight

Education In Sight is an NGO whose vision is a world where every student  has the eyeglasses they need to see clearly and succeed in school. Starting in China, they accomplish this by working with local partners to bring eye exams, free eyeglasses, and eye care education directly to schools, so there are no barriers to students. Since 2012, Education In Sight has delivered over 16,000 free eyeglasses to students in Yunnan province, one of China’s poorest regions. Education In Sight is working with Smart Vision Labs to change their approach to vision screenings and make it easier to bring high quality exams to students in the mountains, who can live hours away from local eye doctors.

Healthbridge Global

In partnering with iCareforIndia, Healthbridge Global coordinates annual short-term clinics in southern India to provide vision care to thousands of people. Healthbridge Global uses Smart Vision Labs’ technology to screen more than 2,500 patients each week. Additionally, they provide cataract surgery and other forms of eye care to people in need. In order to make these clinics sustainable, Healthbridge Global and iCareforIndia have created a training program to teach local healthcare providers to use Smart Vision Labs technology. Parties collaborate across borders to implement vision exams and follow-up care in their communities, maximizing the connectivity capabilities of the iPhone to provide remote support to personnel on the ground.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City

BBBSNYC Education Initiative works with Littles throughout New York City to prepare them for success in college and beyond. Through BBBSNYC’s networks Smart Vision Labs has been able to work with schools to donate glasses to students in need.

Women In Need (WIN)

WIN operates over 1,000 shelter housing units for homeless women and children in New York City. WIN has been working with Smart Vision Labs to coordinate the logistics of free vision screenings for their clients and arrange donation of free glasses for the children.

141 Eyewear

141 Eyewear donates brand new beautiful frames for students to choose themselves after receiving vision exams from SVL doctors. Together, Smart Vision Labs and 141 Eyewear have donated over 100 frames to students in need.

Nassau Vision Group

Nassau Vision Group’s Optical Laboratory generously supplies lens donations and lab services, finishing 50 glasses for the SVL Education Initiative.